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My 2012 Commitments….no NOT resolutions.

Ok so my last post was about 2011 being the best year of my life, now let’s do 2012, I am not one to make resolutions as I never seem to keep to them, in the years past I have found that I set unbelievably high goals for myself and unrealistic resolutions. This year I have decided that, I will not set any resolutions, NOT ONE. I will however make certain commitments to God and to myself, and I will take it 1 day at a time.

1st the MOST important commitment I make is to be a vessel of God’s light and allowing him to shine through me, through my attitude, my deeds, my words I want people to see a change in me, I want them to see how Great God is.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16).

The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. (Romans 13:12)

2nd I commit to reading my bible even if it’s for 5 minutes a day but EVERY day.

3rd I commit to scripture memory; a Christian will not always have their bible handy when in “sticky” situations so being able to refer to them at any given moment is an amazing ability.

4th I commit to improving my prayer life, and spending more quiet time with God.

5thI commit to fasting, whether it be 3 days, 10 days, 21 days whatever it is, I will make this an important part of my life and will do it periodically.

6th I commit to a healthier lifestyle, eating healthier meals, drinking more water etc, start walking… while I don’t drink much alcohol anymore I do have the occasional drink, I want this to stop COMPLETELY I do not want to drink.

7th I commit to being more involved in the church whether it be volunteering as an usher or handing out pamphlets at the door whatever it is I will become more involved

8th I commit to joining a home group in my area, and meeting new people, making new Christian friends that I can encourage and also be encouraged by.

9th I commit to helping the needy wherever I can, feeding the homeless on Christmas day was an amazing experience and I commit to doing it more often not only once a year.

10th I commit to reducing the time I spend watching TV and to use that extra time to speak to God.

11th I commit to standing up for myself and to not let people walk all over me and abuse me just because I do not know how to say NO.

12th I commit to saturate my everyday life with God, whether it be reading Christian books, listening to Christian CD’s, pasting scriptures and verses all over my house, I want my life to be a constant reminder to me that I am a Christian and that I live for Jesus.


Yes so I have 12 “commitments” there are 12 months in a year so 12 commitments is an ok amount I would say. And NO I will not tackle 1 commitment a month they will all be tackled on a daily basis. And by the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 I will be EVEN more amazed at my transformation through Jesus as what I am right now.






No TV only God

Hello Bloggers,

Well for those of you that have read my previous post… YES I know it’s a long one. I made the promise to myself that the whole month I am spending looking after this house while the owners are away I will not watch any TV, NOT EVEN ONE SHOW… well I didn’t really make the promise to myself I made the promise to God, that I would take advantage of the month that I am here, to completely Immerse myself in his word, whether it be by reading the bible, reading Christian books, or blogging about Jesus, either way I am spending the time focusing on him. The last time I watched TV was on Wednesday the 7th of December, while the Thursday I forgot my promise and was about to switch the TV on, this little voice said NO remember your promise… well let me tell you something, under normal circumstances I would have been going crazy, not being able to chill in front of the TV to watch a show or 2.

Its not like that though, I am loving spending some alone time, to learn more and more about God, it really is so AMAZING that, everyday there is something new and something even greater, to learn about him. It is like I can’t get home quick enough to just be with God, its almost like a love affair so to speak, except its not secret. I want everyone to know that I am in a loving relationship with Jesus, and that if they just gave him the chance he so RIGHTLY DESERVES they could have that exact same relationship, each and every one of us have been ordained to do something magnificent for The Lord, and that is VERY EXCITING…

Well so far so good on my NO TV PROMISE, I will be sure to keep you all posted.

One more thing before I go I feel the need to list some of the blogs I follow, all these blogs below are an amazing source of inspiration, and some are of personal testimony, I great source of scripture and insight into the Bible and Jesus himself, so do yourself a favour and go and have a look why don’t you.

So here they are:

Lions Lead – This blog is truly inspirational, I have had the pleasure of meeting Lourens de Lange, who is the man behind Lions Lead, I have read some of his blogs before this blog even began, and loved it so much that I sent it to all my friends to read, and it ended up being posted on a very well known South African Christian magazines website, I truly believe that God has the most awesome plan for his life and I am almost certain that part of the plan is for him to write, think about it why would God bless him with such an AMAZING talent if it was not his intention to make use of it. So do yourself a favour go and take a look at this blog I PROMISE YOU that you will be blessed, just like I was.

All Things Beautiful – While I have never met this lady, I have been inspired by every single one of her posts, I found something from each one that I could apply to my OWN life which has helped me tremendously, she also happens to be the sister of the Lourens who writes the blog above, so if his character is anything to go by and his relationship with the Lord is anything to go by then I am sure she is just as Great. Each and every one of her blogs if God Focused which is fantastic, and you are bound to find some inspiration there too.

Allowing Christ to change y life – Well what can I say about this one, I find that every one of her blogs to be inspirational, she has had some hard issues in life that needed dealing with and she has come out a strong passion filled warrior for Jesus, more than that I also have never met her, in fact I don’t even know her name( I am sure if I search through her blog I will find it) I feel this connection to her, I don’t know what it is but it’s there, also very insightful inspirational

Well these 3 blogs are the 3 blogs that I felt the need to mention again, I am speaking from experience here that if you feel somewhat confused, down, or just needing answers you will find something to inspire you in one of these blogs.

I have one small request, if anyone reading this will re-blog it, not because I want people to read my blog, but because I want people to be as inspired by Jesus as I am.

Have a blessed weekend fellow Bloggers