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Catch a Wake-up

I was chatting to a friend yesterday (Well 2 friends to be exact) about the ways in which people can hear from the Lord(Holy Spirit), I had specifically asked if he has heard of or knew anyone that has heard the Lord speak to them but in an audible voice, the reason for my question was that I had heard of this before where people claim to have heard the voice of the Lord audibly, I however have never met anyone that has said this and myself never heard the Lord’s voice audibly either.


Now I am sure there are various ways in which people can hear from the Lord, I am not sure what those ways are hence why I decided to ask my friends who have been on their Walk with the Lord for much longer than I have, you see the thing is, I have been Lead to do things that I would never normally do for example fasting, I really feel like the Lord wants me to fast.


But not just with fasting I feel that the Lord is really speaking to me and finally I am learning to discern the difference between the Lord speaking to me and just my random thoughts, I will give you a few examples, a few days ago I did a post about finding the right person for you and also the way in which you approach that subject, I also used the analogy of apples and that if you had a whole bag of apples and only one apple was ok to eat you would not eat all the bad ones and THEN only eat the good one, to get back to my point, I had the title in mind before I started to write my post it was SUPPOSED to be Good Apple or  Bad Apples, I never once notice that I had made a typo on the title and only when I was about to publish the post did I see there was a mistake and that I had typed God Apple or Bad Apples so I was about to change it when suddenly I had this “thought” no don’t change it you made the typo because that is what I want the title to be. So then I ended up making it God’s Apple or Bad Apples and I must admit if you read the body of my post it actually makes pretty good sense.


Then another instance was yesterday morning where I was reading a blog but as I started to read another “thought” popped into my head and it was this “pay attention to this post and read it carefully as this applies to you”


Now I refer to both these instances as thoughts because that is how I feel that the Lord is communicating with me.  The difference between what I feel is the Lord speaking to me as opposed to my thoughts is this, when I wanted to change the title of my post the thought was as if someone was SPEAKING to me and I was not speaking to myself so to speak, let me clarify what I mean by this, the thought was exactly as this “No do not change the title YOU made the typo because I wanted YOU to make it because that is what I want the title to be”. You see what I mean here it was not as if I was thinking I must not change the title it was something saying YOU must not change the title.

The same as with the post I read, I did not think that I must read the post because it applies to me it was “YOU must read this post because it applies to YOU”.


So you see it’s not just a random thought it is as if someone is speaking to me.


The reason I approached my friends with this is because even though I was sure that I was hearing from the Lord, I still doubted him and doubted that it was in fact him speaking to me. And my friend pointed this out to me he said “Just Believe” every time you think you hear from the Lord you start to doubt “Just believe it is him and have faith that it is him.


“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.” (John 16:13)


“But the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” (John 14:26)


I am sure if the Lord were here now he would be shaking me and telling me Catch a wakeup, it is me speaking and not you thinking.


How Committed are you?

I read a blog this morning called “Are you willing?” I found it to be not only very inspirational but also posed an extremely important question and that is “Are YOU willing?” … Well are you? I have based my blog on the same topic, hopefully it helps somebody who reads it.


Us as Christians all say that we love the Lord, and that we live to do His Will, but how many of us truly are prepared to follow him when he says, this is what I have planned for you, this is what I want YOU to do for ME, especially when that task that he has given to us comes with difficult decisions, whether it be to sell up all your belongings and resign from your job and travel the places only the bravest would go? Or to be told that a life of marriage and family are not in your future as it will interfere with what the Lord has planned for your life, now I do not know anyone that has had to make that decision, and I don’t know if anyone has ever had to make that choice, but I am almost certain that people have had to make difficult decisions like those in order to truly serve the Lord and to do his Will.


So my question is are you fully committed  to the Lord, are you prepared to make whatever decision needs to be made to follow him 100%, I have to be very honest, I have not yet had to make the hard decisions, or should I say I don’t think that I have made any of those hard decisions, I have made that choice to follow God and do his will, but one day I too will have a decision to make one that will be hard, and one that will prove just how committed I am and willing I am to follow the Lord, I just pray that when that day comes, not only will I know how to differentiate what is from the Lord and what is not but that I will have the strength to follow through with my promise to the Lord and that was to do HIS will, to do everything he wanted me to do & go everywhere  he wanted me to go.  Me as a human being relying on my own strength will never be able to make the choice but me with God in me can do anything, he will never give us a task that we cannot complete, he will give it to us because we are the best people to complete it at that given moment. For me that is an honour and a privilege to be trusted so much that God has so much faith that I can complete the task he has set out for me to do.


So how committed are you?