Answers you get may not always be answers you want

So it’s been a while. Going to keep this short as I am pressed for time, I am ever present of the Lord in my life even though I haven’t been to church in a while, I feel him guiding me and giving me answers that I need, sometimes not always the answers that I want but certainly what I need.


I recently went for a Job interview, and asked that if it were in his will that I get it then great if not then I will take it as a stepping stone to the next thing in my life, well I didn’t get it as much as I was hoping I would as it would just make the financial burden on me a little less, I know it is probably for the best.

Needless to say Monday has not started off that great didn’t get the Job, had a huge argument with my sister and am stuck in a Job that currently makes me unhappy.


Luckily I have a good God that knows what his plan is for me and an amazing man in my life who is so supportive of me.


Thank you Lord for answering my prayers.


One thought on “Answers you get may not always be answers you want”

  1. If you remember the story of the Israelites as they left Eygpt, it might be encouraging to you. God did not lead them on the most direct, or shortest, path. He took them the long way so that when they came upon challenges and opposition they would not go back to slavery. I think this applies to many situations in our lives. God leads, in fact He actively leads them. He never leaves them, but they need to trust Him as the one who sees the whole picture. See Exodus 13 for the story. I hope that is encouraging to you.

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