God’s Beauty – God’s Magnificence

God’s Beauty

We all say how awesome is our God, how amazing he is, etc. What about how beautiful he is? God’s Beauty is all around us just take notice of it. It’s when you pay attention that you begin to fully comprehend how beautiful our God is.  The beauty of his creation leaves me awestruck.

Psalm 90:17 – “Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us!”

Just take a look at the image below, how can you not see the beauty in it, with the rays of the sun seeping through the bushes, almost as if the Almighty himself is about to make His presence visible.

What about this one

The different shades of pink, the tiny details going into the making of this precious flower, this BEAUTIFUL flower…

Then this one,

A butterfly is an insect… an insect … and yet its beauty is magnificent. The vivid colours, the delicate wings, wings that are strong enough to fly….

What about this one…

Amazing isn’t it…

Still not convinced??? What about this one

Have you ever seen an animal so beautiful, one that “looks” so powerful that it commands your attention, its eyes that seem to pierce your innermost being like as if it knows your every thought.

Who would have thought rocks could be so awe-inspiring?

An expanse of just rock and yet so magnificent.


Look at these colours, the different types, different sizes, different fragrances…. how could anyone other than God have made that.

Look at you, you are unique, you are beautiful…. God Bless.


16 thoughts on “God’s Beauty – God’s Magnificence”

  1. Just a few days ago, I was sitting in my car at lunchtime at work. I was reading the Bible and looked up from my reading at the trees and cloud flecked sky and began to contemplate the beauty that God has placed all around us, but also, the variety.

    From where I sat, I could see a half dozen different types of trees, and several examples of each type. And each one was different. In fact, if I could have seen every tree of any given type, every one would be seen to be a unique creation. Same for plants and bushes. Same for dogs and horses. Same for insects and fishes.

    We are surrounded on every side by an infinite variety of creatures and incredible beauty. And yet, there are too many among us who can deny the existence of the creator of all of that variety and beauty that is evident to anyone with eyes to see.

  2. 🙂 Finding beauty, finding hope, and rejoicing in the faithful… Your words mirror the goodness of your heart, the heart the Lord has nurtured and rejoices in. Be forever blessed

  3. God loves color doesn’t He? I wonder what kins of colors there are in heaven. Funny though, when I think of heaven my mind pictures clouds and sky, but there is no way that it’s that plain. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. The Bible tells us to think of things that are lovely. Thanks for the visual! God Bless!

    1. Yes he does hey, I love these pictures they are so vibrant, funny I have tried picturing heaven too, I also get clouds and sky but then I get lots of gold ha ha like the angels I see them as these massive beings, with gold hair and a golden glow almost lol

  4. Great post. I look around and wonder the same as you – how can people look at all this beauty and not believe in a Creator? Especially when you consider the uniqueness of each individual flower, each snowflake, and each person that has ever been born.

    I love to stand outside after dark in the winter and look at the stars in the sky, contemplating the awesomeness of His works. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and these beautiful pictures.

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