Happy Birthday Jesus

While any people say that today is not the exact day of the birth of Christ, the whole world celebrates today as the birth of Christ, well those that havent forgotten the reason for today that is. So today I would like to take the time to thank God for giving us the best christmas present ever his son Jesus Christ, Happy birthday Jesus, thank you for your gift to us… YOUR LIFE.

I love you with all my heart and strive to do your will.


Merry Christmas to everyone, may you all have a blessed day with your loved ones


One thought on “Happy Birthday Jesus”

  1. I thought instead of doing a whole new post I would just comment on this one, while for most of you Christmas is just starting mine is coming to an end, this christmas was different than most, I felt different, I went to church and the presence of God was so amazing, I then went and did something I have never done before, and it was a humbling experience, if I could do it every day I would.

    One thing I can say for sure is that – As Louie Giglio Puts it God is INDESCRIBABLE there are NO words that can describe Jesus and how AWESOME he is and how MUCH I love him.

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