Why I blog!

When I started out with my first blog, my intention was for it to be a diary so to speak, I mean I could remain anonymous and at the same time possibly get some very useful feedback. When I started this journey I suffered from depression, some days it was bad some days not. But after my first post, my reason for blogging changed, it is like God used this as his window of opportunity to REALLY speak to me, you see, for those of you who have followed my blog right from the beginnings will know that the 1st blog which I have now made private was about my life and the things that have happened, however now my blog posts are God focussed which I feel is really cool.


Why I say that God used this as his window of opportunity is because I have become excited about blogging, I would even say addicted, and he knew this, so I figure he placed it on my heart that this was going to be no online diary but instead a blog about Jesus and how he is changing me every day and how my faith grows and strengthens every day.  How my relationship grows and strengthens every day.


While I sometimes do some research on my blog many times I just type not realising what I am saying until I read it, there are even some posts where I sit and type and it’s like I am not conscious of anything at that moment and that my fingers are just hitting the keyboard and once they done then I become aware of what I wrote.


I would like to think that it is God who is speaking through me; you see the blogging has definitely helped e to stay on track with Jesus. I feel that the blogging has definitely been a key instrument in my relationship with the Lord and also with the strengthening thereof. So now it’s not an online diary but instead a Jesus Blog.


I never considered myself to be a writer, in fact I still don’t because I write a blog and I do on average a post a day doesn’t make me a writer, so to speak, but what I have noticed is that I have become passionate about something, I have become passionate about my blog, not only because it has been a tremendous healing process for me but I get to learn more about Jesus, not only by MY blog posts but others as well, and my prayer is now that when people read my posts that a seed will be buried deep in their heart somewhere and that seed is called Jesus, this seed will grow and grow until there is no denying who he is and they are compelled to accept him, because they feel his presence by the seed that was planted by reading my blog, the thought that even just ONE person could turn to Jesus through my blog makes me extremely happy and excited.


I found this scripture in the bible while I was reading this morning, and I had already had this topic in mind for my  next post and came across this scripture and thought that here is another really cool topic to write about but then which one would I do today so I had decided to keep that topic till tomorrow, now once again I do not know if this is God speaking to me or not but I will assume that it is, I had this thought pop into me head and it was that I could combine the 2, I can use this scripture to coincide with the reason why I blog, so here it is.


2 Timothy 2: 1-7(The Message) – So my son (in my case daughter) throw yourself into this work for Christ, pass on what you heard from me – the whole congregation saying Amen! – To reliable leaders who are competent to teach others.  When the going gets rough take it on the chin with the rest of us, the way Jesus did, a soldier on duty does not get caught up in making deals at the market place. He concentrates on carrying out orders. An athlete who refuses to play by the rules will never get anywhere. It is the diligent farmer who gets the produce. Think it over, God will make it plain.


Now my other topic would have been once again about the calling, and the work you need to do for God, I mean he has put us here for a reason, I have had this desire in my heart to feed the homeless, while I myself do not have a lot of money I am going to obey him, it must be him because previously I never wanted to do this. And I thought the scripture above ties in perfectly with that, whether feeding poor people is part of my calling or not I can still do it as it will be pleasing to God, now whether me blogging for Jesus is part of my calling or not I will continue to do it because I am sure it is pleasing to him, considering there might be unsaved people who will read it.


So as the scripture says: “throw yourselves into this work for Christ” I am going to throw myself into this blog and feeding the homeless, and whatever else I can come across that will be pleasing to God, and out of all of those 1 of them is bound to be my true calling and God, in due time will reveal that to me.


So this is why I Blog. Why do you blog?


Anyway have a blessed Sunday everyone I need to get ready for church.


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  1. Good post, I hope You have a good time in church. I have church in the morning. I’m glad you have a way to get closer to JESUS. I was amaze when I move my blog over here how many peoples talk about him. Even though I’m working on my way to better relationship with GOD, I have met so many peoples on my JOURNEY, who have open my eye’s in many ways. I could say so much here but dont want to take over your blog. God Bless U:)

  2. Good morning Bernadette, and God bless your Sunday!

    I really appreciated your post today, thanks for sharing it.

    I was especially taken by your saying that God had laid it on your heart to feed the homeless. Our Church has a ministry called Soup, Socks, and Skivvies. Once a month we go to St. James park in downtown San Jose and provide meals and other needed items to the homeless there.

    But after participating in this ministry a few times, God laid it on our hearts (my wife’s and mine) to do something on our own. We see homeless people around our neighborhood as well. They usually have a sign at a busy intersection, on a freeway off-ramp, or at a parking lot driveway. We started out making 3 lunches on a Saturday and taking them out with us and giving them to whomever we saw.

    But then, sometimes we would see more people than we had lunches and increased the number to 5. These days, we are making 5 bags with a sandwich or hot food cup (chili, soup, etc.) and 5 bags with 2 pieces of fruit and snacks, like granola bar, mini box of raisins, etc. Also, it’s too much work to prepare all of this before we go out on a Saturday, so we do it together on Friday evening.

    I encourage you to follow God’s leading in this. Start small, and see where the Lord leads. It is a worthwhile ministry, and you may well fin yourself being blessed as much as those you are providing for.

    • Hi There

      Thank you for your comment, yes I have decided to do that, while now I am going to start with Christmas morning, I have bought enough stuff to make 10 meals, this will be a meal with a big bottle of ice cold juice and as a treat i bought a packet of cookies for each, I cannot wait to start this, and then i will start small on a weekly basis, i trust that the Lord will provide me with the finances to let it grow, and the best thing about this all is that I have gotten my mother involved as well, she is also as excited as i am about this, she is not saved, and my friend at work had said that maybe this is where my mother will see the change in me and want the same in her life, and it is also an opportunity for the two of us to try and strengthen our relationship

  3. What a beautiful post! It’s so endearing to hear a grateful heart speak. I can tell by your words that blogging has given you a joy deep within. It’s funny you wrote this post, because this is something that has been on my mind these past couple days, about how blogging has impacted me and how much I love it. How we are so in sync with our thoughts I just don’t know Bernadette! 🙂 You are halfway across the world from me (I’m in USA Florida) yet it seems like we are so close.

    I can’t say enough how blogging has impacted my relationship with the Lord and my walk with Christ. I just love it so much. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I only started my site a month ago and I’m close to hitting 1000 views and I have 44 followers! Wow! I am so excited by my new world of blogging. I look forward to every day when I open up my email and see all the new posts written by my new Christian friends. I enjoy how everyone has their unique style of writing and decorating their site. I get to read their personal insights, hear about what’s happening in their lives and read how the Lord is working in their life.

    It is my hope and prayer too that I can help just one person accept Christ as their Savior. It is also my hope that my words will strengthen and bring hope to other Christians who are either struggling or are confused about lifes battles. Sorry this is so long but you inspire me! LOL Many blessings to you my sister and Happy Sunday!

  4. Hello,

    please dont apologize for the blog being long, I a happy for any feedback I get on my posts, yes our thoughts are very much in sync, like i mentioned iin the previous post i feel a connection to you, just dont know what it is, but i a sure we will figure it out in due time, you kknow this is the 2nd time i think that we have had the same thoughts for our blog topics, its amazing. yes i have grown to love blogging and i too have 40 something followers and going on 700 now i think and i have also been doing it for a short while,and then there are any blogs i have read that have posts going as far back as 2009 but have maybe 18 followers, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that i think the Lord is DEFINATELY using us through this blog, I thank the Lord that I came across your blog, may you have a wonderfull sunday, mine is almost over 😦 back to work tomorrow. he he

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