God, me & my Church(es)

Well you ask why I refer to Church(es) well here is my story so you can understand, I was born to a catholic family, but once my father had passed away we never really continued going to church, all my life I felt a sense of emptiness inside and I could never understand what it was, I tried everything to fill that void to close that gap in my life but nothing worked, and any years ago when I was still in school my friend asked me to go with her to church, now even though I never really went to church the view I had of church at that time was the catholic way. Well I know it as the catholic way, certain rules that need to be followed etc, then I go to this other church, at the time the biggest church I had ever seen, and they way the did things were so different I mean the way they praised God was by singing really cool songs that you can dance and clap along to, however I didn’t know that even existed and was shocked beyond belief and swore I would never go back, then I tried the Jehovah Witness church and there they didn’t celebrate Christmas and believed that only a select few would join God in heaven, it seemed at the time that I would not find what I was looking for, and that with so many different beliefs it lead me to doubt in God’s existence and whether he was even real.

About 2 years after this the same friend invited me to church again, and after a lot of thought I had decided to go again, and that was the first time that I accepted Jesus into my life, since then I have accepted him many times but that was the beginning of the journey I am on today, I was hooked, I loved this church and the way they worshiped God, it made me want to come back for more it made me excited and … it filled the gap which was something I had been searching for.

This church was called Christian Family Church, I had become a member of that church and made many good friends there, it really felt like my home, but it was very far and at the time I didn’t have a car, so eventually stopped going it was like I had moved out of my parents home and had to fend for myself, I tried so many churches and not one church that I went to did I feel like I belonged and slowly but surely my faith started to waver and I was forgetting who I was, went back to my old ways and forgot about God, that void returned, the emptiness was back. Then about 2 years ago I decided again to go back to church I went to this church again while it was still very far for me to travel at least I had my own car, I went for about a year, it was a struggle financially and even though I was getting closer to the lord I still struggled with believing in him, the whole I will believe it when I see it was still a big factor in my life, so I never believed that he would ,make a way for me to get there so once again I stopped going to church.

Up until a few months ago I felt that emptiness was back in my life, I made a decision that I had to go back to church, but that at that time the church I wanted to be at really was far and that I should try another church, I had the strong desire to try Rhema Bible Church, all the years I have lived close to this church but had refused to go because of “stories”  I had heard about Pastor Ray, so all this aside I decided to give this church a try, even though I felt that no church could take the place of Christian Family Church, but when I went to this church I immediately felt like I belonged, I felt at peace and I cried, it was like that emptiness had vanished instantly, while I know that church does not take the emptiness away God does, but God sent me there because at this point in my life that is where I need to be, so I have 2 churches, and 2 homes and where ever I go to the one that is far or the one that is close I will always have a home, these are 2 different churches, but they serve the same God, and one is not better than the other they are both very important to me as both have been a part of my life.

So thank you to Dr’s Theo and Beverly Wolmarans from Christian Family Church, I have been so inspired by both of you and the work you do, it makes me want to be a better person, whenever I hear you speak it is like I cannot get enough, I have heard you share your experiences from the beginning when you just started out to what you have achieved today and none of that could have been possible without Jesus, and then thank you to Pastor Ray McCauley for too being an inspiration, God has given you and amazing gift to preach his word, and you are an inspiration to many. I feel like I have two spiritual homes in these two churches what could be better than that….

Thank you Jesus for bringing these churches and people into my life each at a time when I needed it most, I will be eternally grateful to you for speaking to my heart through them and pray that MANY more souls will be saved as a result of these AMAZING warriors. I know I will continue to be blessed by ALL of them. I live to serve you God whether it be in Boksburg or Randburg you are still the main reason.


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