Coincidence or God

Don’t overlook the small things,

I read 2 blogs last night that touched on the little things that God does for  us that we overlook or merely say it was a coincidence, well I used to always think it was a coincidence, but the other day I never thought of it as a coincidence. While this might really sound like a coincidence to the unbelievers and even to some believers, I think it’s one of those many little things that God has done to show us he is there.


Some of you might find this funny and honestly so do it so here goes, I am looking after this house while the owners are away, huge house and these people have the best of everything, even the STOVE… yes they have a really cool stove, also one that I have never used before, I am so used to all the old fashioned stoves with the nobs that you turn, but this one did not have any nobs, you had to touch it to put it on etc., so I decided to cook dinner and had chopped onions had the pot on the stove with oil and went to put it on… only I could not get it to switch on, I struggled for almost half an hour to get the stove to work, when suddenly this little thought popped into my head “ HELLO IM HERE WHY DON’T YOU ASK ME FOR HELP” So I did I said a little prayer and asked God to help me figure out the stove, and immediately the stove started working, and it made me think, normally I would have overlooked that but this time I didn’t, I saw that as what it was a little reminder from God that he is real and he is here…


Another instance is last week, I had been reading the bible, and for the past few weeks I have been up really late reading and up very early so I decided I would take a little nap I said to myself just for an hour or so, so that I could continue reading his word and in turn strengthen my relationship, but just in case I fell asleep and didn’t wake up I prayed and asked the Lord to wake me up in exactly one hour it was still early I remember checking my time and it was 6:28pm when I went to lie down, at 7:30 pm I woke up, then I laid there for a minute or 2 and decided I was still feeling tired and would just lay there for a while, that did not happen, the minute I started to doze off it was like someone screamed in my ear WAKE UP, now if that is not proof enough that God listens and answers prayers then I don’t know, so don’t always look for the big things to confirm the existence of God, it is the small things that you overlook that confirms it.


Romans 8:28 – “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” – While this does not say anything about coincidence does it not give you that indication that those little things aren’t just mere Coincidence?


I found this on the net, now you tell me does this story not explain everything I have just been trying to say??


There was a man sitting on the roof of his house to avoid the rising floodwaters. A boat passes by, and the navigator says “We’re here to help! Grab hold of the rope!”


The man says “No, thanks. God will save me.”


An hour later, a helicopter flies over the house. The pilot says “I’m going to let down the ladder! Climb aboard!”


The man says “No thanks. God will save me.”


Two hours later, the man ends up in heaven. He says “God, I believed in You! How come you didn’t save me?”


God said, “I sent you a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want?”



I never quite knew what to call those “little” occurrences or coincidences but the one blog I read yesterday she had called it a GOD WINK, which is quite a nice term for it, what do you call them? I would like to know what others call it.


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  1. Heard that illustration before (I’ve used in a sermon actually). It’s a great example on how we can look past the oppotunities throughout life that God gives us only to turn around and question (blame actually) why He didn’t do something to help (Proverbs 19:3).

    • So true, and i was always one of thise that used to overlook the smaller things that he did for me.

      His love is so amazing that he has made me aware of these things, and it can only just get better from here.

  2. I love that! A ‘God Wink’! Another great one I’ve heard is when you get goosebumps to call them ‘Godbumps’. Thanks for sharing the beautiful post!

    • Thank you very much. When I started this blog, I never for once thought that it would become a healing process for me and also strengthen my relationship with the Lord but that is exactly what is happening. it is like now I cannot wait to do the next post. I hope I dont run out of topics lol.

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