Was blind but now I see

The Lord has really opened my eyes to things I never quite noticed before and although I have brought this up briefly in one of my previous posts I just want to touch briefly on what I mean by this statement. Let me take you through the workings of my mind right now

These are all things that I have overlooked previously, or chose not to see because I was too concerned with my own life, and my own problems.


So here is a few of the things I now see, and it is like I have some extra vision that these things that previously went unnoticed are now in full view for me to see.


I see the little boy who lost his father when he was young and lives with a mother that locks him indoors when he has been naughty

I see the mother sitting on the street with her little baby begging for money for food

I see the teenager with no future because he has lived on the street all his life

I see the father and his son running for a taxi with heavy suitcases because they don’t have a car

I see the young girl running out of church on a Sunday with tears streaming down her face don’t know why

I see the old lady tired standing at her car digging in her bag for 15 minutes and she can’t find her keys

I see the security guard being fired for switching the electric fence off to remove something that had fallen on the fence

I see the lady in my office trying desperately for a baby but does not realise that God is the only answer

I see my brother who is trying his best to keep his business running and asks for a little help from me but I am getting annoyed with him

I see my mother who did the best she could with the little she had, and I did not appreciate it

I see the elderly lady standing on the street corner and I always wind up my window

I see the lady who realises that she is in the wrong lane in traffic and cuts in front of me and I get annoyed

I see the cleaners at work who probably earn a 3rd of what I do make a living and yet I complain because I do not have enough


This is just some of what I see; every day the list gets longer.  What is it that you see?


I want to help, but where do I start? So how about 1 person at a time and 1 day at a time.


Prov. 19:17 – When you help the poor you are lending to the Lord–and he pays wonderful interest on your loan!


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  1. What a great post Bernadette!! It is amazing how the Lord opens our yes to the hurt, need and life of others when we spend more time with Him!!What an amazing God we serve!! It’s so fantastic to get to grow in the Lord and to see Him working in and through us!!

    May you be blessed so much!!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback, it is much appreciated. It is truly amazing how he works in us, these are things that I previously chose to ignore but now I feel like I cant

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