King Of Kings Friendship award.

A big thank you to Anne ( Freedoborn) –, for awarding me with the King of Kings friendship award, I really do appreciate it, and appreciate the tie you took to read y blogs, and give me your feedback, I would like to however also pass this on to 2 blogs that I follow, while all the blogs that I follow should get this award the 2 that really stand out to me for so many reasons are Lions Lead & By His Grace they both have given me so much insight and inspiration and I really appreciate all their support.



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  1. Oh my gosh I can’t believe you just sent this to me! I saw this the other day on someone’s blog and I thought “oh I want that!” LOL Thank you so much. I’m overwhelmed right now with joy! I woke up and told myself that something good is going to happen to me today (my new positive thinking technique I’m trying) and you made that come true for me! I don’t have many friends and you have definitely made an impact in my life. I’m so glad we “met”. 🙂 Thanks again and God bless you my sister!

  2. I can say the same for you, you also have made an impact, i too am glad we “met” God Bless you too, have an awesome day, no sure on the time there but here it is 10:49pm so time for bed for me he he he

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