Change of Heart – Change of Life

Ok So you know when you were a kid there were certain food items that you did not like but now that you are all grown up you find that some of those things that you previously disliked you have now acquired a taste for, or vice versa, I am sure there are many of you whom have experienced this, like when I was younger I used to love Olives…. YES olives, while although I still like them now I won’t go out of my way, or when I was younger I used to hate prawns but I have recently started eating them and I quite like it.


Well that is the only way that I can explain the way I feel, I used to be one of those people that would go clubbing often and come home when the sun comes up, I used to drink and get drunk with my friends, I would knock down shooter after shooter, spend 1000’s on drinks, I remember 1 evening I had gone out with a friend and between the 2 of us we had spent 3000 on drinks.


I would start planning the weekend’s parties on Monday already, I lived for the next gathering of friends whether it be clubbing or just being at their house, one thing that was guaranteed was alcohol… at that stage of my life all of my friends enjoyed a drink, and today most of them still do.


Me however I have had a “Change of Heart Change of Mind” the last time I took alcohol to a new level was my birthday this year, I am actually ashamed that I let myself get so carried away, I had so much to drink that my family would not let me drive my car home and I had spent the whole next day in bed.  I realised that I don’t want to do that anymore, for the past +- 3 months I have completely cut those friends out of my life, and it was for many reasons, 1 because I just don’t have the money for a recurring weekend party at friends places and 2 because my mind-set has changed, my heart has changed, and as much as I LOVE my friends with all my Heart, they genuinely are the best friends one could ask for, they were there for me in some of the darkest times in my life and stood by me through thick and thin, in fact just this morning I got a call from 2 friends saying that I have fallen off the face of the earth and they feel like I am shutting them out, while this was not intentional… it happened, I have stayed away from them, when they invite me I just don’t feel  like going, I don’t  want to live that kind of life anymore, I am far more interested in learning more about the Lord, reading his word, building a stronger relationship with him.


While my friends will always be there, they just do not have the same beliefs as me and being around them is not as fun as it used to be anymore I don’t enjoy the things that I did before.  This is just proof enough that the Lord has changed my heart and changed my mind, he is working with me as I type this, and with each passing day I feel closer to him, in one of my previous posts I mentioned that my favourite Author was Lesley Pearse, well 2 days ago I went and bought her latest book, and under normal circumstances this book would have been finished, if not I would have had maybe 1 or 2 chapters left, well the book is still in the same packet that I got it in when I bought it, because  the first book I want to pick up and read is the Bible. Things are different for me now, I have God in my life, I want to spend all my time with him, and as much as I love my friends, spending time with God is far more enjoyable.


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  1. When I had my “Change of Heart – Change of Mind” I too had to let go of a lot of old friends. We no longer had much in common. I have found that as I stand for Christ before them it plants spiritual seeds and when they face times of trouble they will turn to me for advice or comfort. I simply offer them my Jesus and the deliverance and peace I now experience. It we really love something sometimes we have to let it go. Great Post.

    • Thank you, a friend of mine who has been down this road and lost many friends had asked me after he read this post what my friends would say if they read this, I think they would walk away because they would not see this as me putting God first they would see it as they are no longer good enough for me, I also told him maybe I am wrong and they surprise me and he said that maybe I am what they need to change their lives…. gives me something to think about.

  2. Great post! I can certainly relate to the drinking. Not sure if I ever spent $3000 in one night though! 🙂 But then again, I probably wouldn’t have remembered if I did! And there were many, many nights I don’t remember. I don’t miss those days when I would wake up the next day, feel like crap and go into work not knowing how I behaved or what I said the night before. The looks I received from my friends and co-workers were a good indication that it wasn’t too pretty. I’ve lost a few really good girlfriends because of my drinking. Don’t miss those days one bit.

    I am actually working on a new post that relates to what you are going through with having to leave certain friends behind. Being a Christian, I must avoid anything that may compromise my relationship with Jesus. This would include friendships, relationships, places I visit, etc. Thank you for sharing that very peronal part of your life. Many blessings to you today!

    • He he he, your comment made me laugh lol, Let me just clarify for you I am in South Africa so the currency would be in ZAR I a just guessing here but R3000.00 in $ would be approxiately $370 I could be wrong, now I am not sure how much alcohol you can get there for that amount of money but here for R3000 you can get a lot of drinks A LOT…

      For me its the other way around, me stopping my drinking etc and following God is where I will lose a lot of friends most of y friends do not follow the Lord I can only pray that the Lord works through me to change them….

      • LOL I didn’t realize you were in another country! That’s sounds about right then ($370 in American currency) haha 🙂 I was thinking maybe “she must be in a Manhattan night club drinking like $500 bottles of champagne or something”. I never had a friend outside the USA. That’s so cool! All you can do is stay true to what you love, and that is Jesus Christ. Show the Light in your life and you never know, one day one of those drinking buddies may come to you and want what you have.

      • he he…. can people actually spend $3000 on alcohol in one night between 2 people…. I pray that both my friends and family will see how my life is changing for the better and want what I have. Thank you so much for your comments and stopping by… Have a great day umm or maybe evening … not sure on the time difference…

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