I read a blog this morning, called How’s Your Salvation Workin’ Out For Ya?, this blog is not at all related to my topic today but when I read this blog, I thought of friendships, out of all the bloggers I am following or those who are following me, I have had the pleasure to only meet one.  However, I follow these people because I found their blog, read it and found something that inspired me or got me thinking, that gave me inspiration for my next blog topic, that gave me answers, or that just made me draw just a little but closer to God with every post.


So although I have not met any of these people I consider them friends, because friends are there to inspire & encourage you.  So thank you to all those people whose blogs I have read that has made a difference in some way.


Proverbs 27: 9: Oil and perfume rejoice the heart; so does the sweetness of a friend’s counsel that comes from the heart.


Here are a few of the blogs I follow that I find to be truly inspiring maybe it will be the same for you…  Allowing Christ to change my life, Lions Lead, All things Beautiful, Tracee Persiko, Grace Partakers, these are a few that I find to be very inspirational, so go take a read it could inspire you too.


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  1. Great picture! LOL you’re funny. The picture not only put a smile on my face but so did your post. Thank you for that. May many blessings come your way today my friend.

  2. Thank you very much same to you, when I was looking for a picture and came across this one I just HAD to use it. its too funny.

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