What is love?… God is LOVE.

I was not going to write a post today but after coming home from church I feel I must, a few days ago a friend or should I say a brother in Christ, wrote a very touching blog that brought me to tears, when you done reading this I recommend that you take a read, and follow him and I can guarantee you that you will be blessed beyond measure, God is working through him in his writing, I have read all of his blogs, and this one by far has been the most inspirational to me, it is called Pierced by your loving gaze, in this blog he speaks of God’s amazing love for all of us, he begins by saying that he used to be one of the guys that didn’t cry but its different for him now, he goes on to mention that he was listening to a song by Michael W Smith – Deep in love with you, after reading his blog, I sat and thought to myself that if this song had brought him to tears, that this song had brought a grown man to tears then it MUST be a powerful song, so I decided to go and get myself the CD.

I went to church this morning, it was a new church that is closer to home, I was reluctant to go as I felt as though my usual church was my home, and that I would not be happy in any other church but because my church is so far away, I decided I would try the church 5 minutes from my house as it is very much like my church.

Something amazing happened to me today, I can’t quite explain it except that God’s love is so amazing. I walked through the doors of this church, and I won’t tell you a word of a lie, when I put the first step inside the church I started to cry, I felt the most amazing sense of Love, like nothing I have ever experienced, just when I think God’s love cannot be any more amazing and never-ending I am engulfed with another wave of love even stronger than the last. All through the praise and worship I had tears in my eyes, I could not understand why I was crying, but the other day this same friend told me those times that I cry I must enjoy it, so I did. I cried with a smile on my face. J

After the service I went into the book shop and bought the CD that had this song on, I got in my car and put the CD on, I skipped to track 8 and I cried even more. It is indeed a very powerful song, but then while driving home I came across another song, one that I have heard before… Majesty

It goes something like this…

Singing Majesty…. Majesty…

Your grace has found me just I am, empty handed but alive in your hands

Singing Majesty, were singing Majesty

Forever I am changed by your love in the presence of your majesty….

When this song played I cried like a baby, just there and then I felt like NO ONE and NOTHING could compare to the Lord, NO ONE and NOTHING was as important as Jesus, I felt as though nothing else mattered, all the problems, all the pain, all the issues were gone, it was just me and God, he was there I felt him, the intensity of the love that I felt cannot be compared to any other form of love that any human can provide, it far surpasses everything and everyone in my life, the past few days, have been this unbelievable and amazing journey, I have felt the presence of God more and more each day, but today…. today is the day I felt truly BORN AGAIN, today was the day that I was transformed from being a broken down person to being a child of God, as it was intended to be.


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  1. What a deep blog. It felt so great reading it that I could imagine how it must have felt to you…

    I had the same experience when I went to Makkah, Saudia for our pilgrimage. I cried like a baby and it was not because I was asking forgiveness (which I should have) and not because I was asking for something…. It was utter love and blessings that I could feel running down my soul….

    True love really is GOD…

    • Hello Aisha

      Thank you for your comment, I have coe to realize that I can speak to people about the Lord and as a result they might give their lives to the Lord like I have, however the way I felt this morning is next to impossible to put into words, I tried my best to but even this does not coe close to describing how it felt, Its a love that each and every on of us need to experience for ourselves to truly understand the magnificence of His love. My prayer today is that those who have not experienced this get the chance to, it is the best thing in the world. Nothing comes close.

  2. Praise God! I have experienced what you talking about and it’s just amazing. It’s a joy that overwhelms, it overflows. I enjoyed my church this morning too. I wasnsinging & praising with my hands in the air. My church has that feel to it. You can feel His presence. It’s awesome!

  3. I recently wrote a blog about water works aka tears. I cry all the time and when I am in the presence of God they are always tears of joy! A few weeks about we were singing a song and the musical instruments went soft and as the beat built back up again it just made me cry. It was just the symbolism of how Satan will try to bring you down yet God will always lift you back up!!! My God is an awesome God! God bless you during your journey in Christ.

  4. Church can make you mad or church can make you glad……and you feel the love. My church makes me glad…I feel the love of Jesus there!…Thank God! Great blog.

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