To be or not to be ?

All things Beautifull

This morning I was driving in my car,when suddenly something prickled my interest on the radio! I listened to an advert that wasn’t just interesting but that also out of the blue,spoke to my heart! It went something like this…”how do you see the person in the car next to you?Are you seeing an impatient taxi driver or are you seeing a man driving with a lot of hard-working and tired people in his car?Do you see the guy speeding past you as arrogant or do you see him as the dad who is trying to get to his son’s soccer game on time?” Then they asked: “How do you think, people are seeing you today”

That really got me thinking. How are people seeing me today? Are they seeing the real me, the person I know I am? Are they seeing who they think I am or are they…

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