How Committed are you?

I read a blog this morning called “Are you willing?” I found it to be not only very inspirational but also posed an extremely important question and that is “Are YOU willing?” … Well are you? I have based my blog on the same topic, hopefully it helps somebody who reads it.


Us as Christians all say that we love the Lord, and that we live to do His Will, but how many of us truly are prepared to follow him when he says, this is what I have planned for you, this is what I want YOU to do for ME, especially when that task that he has given to us comes with difficult decisions, whether it be to sell up all your belongings and resign from your job and travel the places only the bravest would go? Or to be told that a life of marriage and family are not in your future as it will interfere with what the Lord has planned for your life, now I do not know anyone that has had to make that decision, and I don’t know if anyone has ever had to make that choice, but I am almost certain that people have had to make difficult decisions like those in order to truly serve the Lord and to do his Will.


So my question is are you fully committed  to the Lord, are you prepared to make whatever decision needs to be made to follow him 100%, I have to be very honest, I have not yet had to make the hard decisions, or should I say I don’t think that I have made any of those hard decisions, I have made that choice to follow God and do his will, but one day I too will have a decision to make one that will be hard, and one that will prove just how committed I am and willing I am to follow the Lord, I just pray that when that day comes, not only will I know how to differentiate what is from the Lord and what is not but that I will have the strength to follow through with my promise to the Lord and that was to do HIS will, to do everything he wanted me to do & go everywhere  he wanted me to go.  Me as a human being relying on my own strength will never be able to make the choice but me with God in me can do anything, he will never give us a task that we cannot complete, he will give it to us because we are the best people to complete it at that given moment. For me that is an honour and a privilege to be trusted so much that God has so much faith that I can complete the task he has set out for me to do.


So how committed are you?


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