The Story of the Pearl!!

At some point in your life you have gone through some form of pain and suffering, whether it is a loss of a loved one, spousal abuse, financial problems, we have all experienced it.

 Years ago I went to a woman of worth meeting that our church held every couple of months, the pastor’s wife surprised us all with a pair of pearl earrings, and what she said was that the pearls were formed as a result of suffering, at first I was confused as to how she could say that until she explained it, so I will now try and explain this to you as best as I possibly can, maybe you too will take from this what I took from it, and that is what you go through in life makes you stronger and conditions you to cope with life, God has a reason for everything and He won’t allow more than what you are capable of coping with as the strong person you are.

 How is the pearl formed?

 The pearl is formed when a foreign substance enters the oyster, which then causes the oyster irritation. The oyster’s instinct then kicks in and it tries to protect itself by covering the foreign object. The oyster continues this and the foreign substance is continuously covered by this protective layer.

 So a pearl is formed out of an unfavourable circumstance for the Oyster. So try and compare your life to that of the Oyster, how many times have you had unfavourable circumstances? What did you do to protect yourself from that? The way I see it is that God is the way we should protect ourselves, look at the pearl, it is beautiful.  We are all pearls, formed and shaped from heart ache and pain.

 Whatever I have been through, whatever the obstacles in my past and my present and future, is GOD shaping my life and me into the strong person he wants me to be he is shaping me into that PEARL.

 So next time when you are tempted to ask God the question  –  “why GOD? Why are you allowing this to happen to me?”  Maybe thank Him and praise Him instead for moulding you and shaping you into the strong person you are today, if you had no mountain to climb, who would you be and what character would you have? Think of it this way He is turning you into a warrior… a warrior for Him, to fight for Him and DIE for Him if that is what needs to be done.

 I gladly lay down my life to Him, whatever He has planned for me I will do, I OWE HIM MY LIFE AFTER ALL.


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